6 Top Key Steps to The Pathway of Self-discovery

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6 Top Key Steps to The Pathway of Self-discovery

The Pathway of Self-discovery: The key steps to the pathway of Self-discovery can be so broad and stressful but knowing more about yourself is very important. A lot of people do get confused and lost on how to discover themself. Especially in the incident when they feel they are useless and have nothing to offer in this world. Some even go into doubting their existence in life. These usually happen when you have no clue about who you are, where you want to go, and what you like or dislike. The self-discovery process can affect you emotionally, mentally, and also spiritually but knowing the true you is the main goal.

Also, have no clue about your personal boundaries, your core values, your beliefs, and your goals. You are likely to adopt the belief and lifestyles of your parents, colleagues, or friends as your own. Especially when people count and look up to you, you aren’t sure that you can even trust yourself.

The Key Steps To The Pathway of Self-discovery.

Having in mind that the pathway to self-discovery is a gradual process, observing these steps would be very necessary ;

  • Ask (yourself) the right questions: There are a lot of right questions you are meant to ask within yourself or even your close ones. These questions go a long way in defining you from different aspects and perspectives in life. Some of those right questions are; What defines you, What makes you happy, what are your clear wants in life, and what are your proposed goals in life. While reflecting

The Act of meditation

  • The Act of meditation: In this aspect you tend to evaluate each section of your life, finding out what you really want. Meditating needs a quiet place, where you could think and reason deeply into yourself. It’s an essential act of self-discovery. Most times meditation requires a change of environment. For recommendation, river banks or swimming pools, a quiet room especially alone seems more interesting and peaceful to meditate.

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  • Note Taking of Daily Activities: These usually come after a thorough meditation/evaluation of your life. People tend to have a small note or diary where they take notes of their identified talents, passion, goals, dreams, and daily experiences. You should know that the pathway of self-discovery is a gradual process. Most times good deeds come up once in our minds and the best way to remember those ideas is by note-taking. This usually happens unaware, sometimes you can be in the case where you aren’t with your dairy. In that case, just write it down somewhere. Judith Exner quotes: “When your heart speaks, take good notes”.

More Keys Steps To The Pathway of Self-discovery


  • Try and learn New Experiences: This is also an important pathway of self-discovery. It unlocks new skills, goals, passion, and talents that you have no idea about. Generally, we all think we are good or perfect in a particular thing. Not knowing it’s because we have been so attached for so long to that thing. You need to give yourself an opportunity to learn new things. Trying or learning new experiences opens your mind to know what you are really made of. It expands your wants and desire. You can’t really tell if you are good at something till you try that thing out. The absolute advantage of these steps makes you build your self-esteem and believe more in yourself. It builds in you a desire to explore yourself largely in different aspects of life. It opens your mind to a zeal of “I can do more than that”.

  • Take a Review Insight of your Friend’s thoughts about you: This aspect of self-discovery is been overlooked by people, but it plays an important role. Knowing your friends, family, parents, and colleagues’ insight about you makes you discover more about yourself. Regards to other steps listed above not forget to ask the right questions, note-taking, and meditate on their words. As it is said, “Show me your friend and I would tell you who you are”. The kind of friends you associate with either affects you positively or negatively.

The Pathway of Self-discovery can have different steps to tackle with. These steps listed above should be taken with ease, everything doesn’t happen once in life. People would always want the fastest means to achieve progress and success in life. Not knowing that some success last for a while but going through ups and down gives a clearer view. The point is you should embrace your flaws and wrongs in self-discovery, they will help make you who are supposed to be.

Always remember : So many people are on the pathway of self discovery, try to live a perfect live; quit it because you have no idea what perfection is until you experience imperfection.



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