Bitter Kola’s Medical Benefits and Side Effects on the Body

Bitter kola
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Bitter Kola’s Medical Benefits and Side Effects on the Body

Bitter kola is prized in most African countries, particularly Nigeria, for its multiple medicinal properties. What bitter kola is used for, you may ask? Bitter kola has long been used to treat diseases ranging from the common cold to hepatitis. Bitter kola can assist with coughs, bacterial infections, and viral infections, according to a 2018 study. When infection first appears, eating bitter kola may help you fight the infection and recover faster.

Garcinia kola is another name for it. It’s a blooming plant species native to West and Central Africa. Bitter kola has been utilized for millennia in the treatment of several maladies including cough, malaria, lung function, stamina, increased sexual performance in men, and other therapeutic benefits.

Many Africans, particularly the old, think that this fruit has spiritual qualities and also extends life, which is why they keep it in their houses at all times.
Even said, when misused, bitter kola has major negative consequences and has an influence on pregnant women.
We’ll look at the therapeutic benefits and adverse effects of bitter kola in this essay.

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Medicinal Benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola

  • Bitter kola and immune system

Bitter kola helps to strengthen your immune system and protect you from disease. Bitter kola contains antioxidants that help fight bacteria, boost immunity, and protect you from foreign diseases.

Eat one bitter kola in the morning for enhanced metabolism throughout the day. This will help you digest the stuff you’ll be eating that day.

  • Lung function and bitter kola

Another benefit of bitter kola is that it aids in the maintenance of good respiratory function. It has been useful and traditionally used in the treatment of colds for generations. Bitter kola helps to strengthen the fibers and tissues in the lungs when consumed regularly.

  • Bitter kola and weight gain

Bitter kola has proved to be of great help in reducing belly fat and weight. Have you ever noticed that anytime you eat bitter kola, you always have this urge to drink water? Water helps to give you proper food digestion thereby reducing your belly fat and eating bitter kola increases your urge to drink more water. Bitter kola also suppresses your hunger and urge to eat thereby helping you lose weight.

  • S*exual potency and bitter kola

Bitter kola is your friend if you have poor sexual drive during intercourse with a woman. Bitter kola has been demonstrated to help improve sexual performance in studies. Chew bitter kola a few minutes before intercourse to get this effect; it will help you increase your sex drive and stay in bed longer.

Bitter kola

  • Longevity and bitter kola

Bitter kola is thought to help people live longer, which is why you always see elderly people drinking it. According to studies, it also includes chemical components that aid in the breakdown of glycogen in the liver.

  • Bitter kola and endurance

You may have weak or poor stamina if you feel tired or fatigued whenever you wish to do any job or after doing a small amount of labor. One bitter kola chewed will help you regain your vigor and get back on your feet. Men who are weak and not energetic during s*x can boost their stamina by eating bitter kola a few minutes before intercourse.

This is a frequent type of arthritis that primarily affects the joint cartilage and underlying bones, resulting in pain and stiffness. According to studies conducted at Nigeria’s Obafemi Awolowo University, bitter kola reduces pain linked with arthritis symptoms and aids joint movement in the affected areas.

  • Glaucoma and bitter kola

Glaucoma is a condition in which the pressure inside the eyeball rises, eventually causing vision loss and blindness. Bitter kola should be consumed at least twice a day to assist reduce the pressure within the eyeballs and your risk of glaucoma.

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Side Effect Of Bitter Cola in the Body

Resulting in the health benefits of bitter kola, and misusing it can have a number of negative repercussions on the body. The following are some of the negative impacts of consuming bitter kola.

  • Diabetes and bitter kola

Bitter kola has a lot of caffeine, which might mess with your blood sugar levels. Consume with caution.

  • Anxiety and bitter kola

Bitter kola includes ingredients that can exacerbate anxiety. Bitter kola should be avoided if you have stress-related issues.

  • Kola is bitter and causes diarrhea.

If you have diarrhea, limit your intake of bitter kola. Excessive consumption can aggravate your illness.

  • Blood pressure and bitter kola

Bitter kola and alligator pepper should not be used if you have already experienced a rise in blood pressure. Taking both at the same time is extremely risky, as it may cause your blood pressure to skyrocket.

Other Medicinal Importance of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola

  • Constipation and bitter kola

Eat bitter kola whenever you’re constipated; it will assist alleviate your system by expelling gas.

  • Bitter kola and bad breath

If you forget to brush your teeth in the morning, you can chew bitter kola to help erase the odor and avoid embarrassing situations.

  •  Snakes and bitter kola

Because snakes dislike the smell of bitter kola, spreading it around your compound will help keep snakes away. Avocado’s Sexual Health Benefits

  • Malaria and bitter kola

According to an experimental investigation, chemical components in bitter kola have anti-malaria capabilities. This aids in the battle against malaria parasites, and if symptoms persist, see your doctor.

  • Voice and bitter kola

Bitter kola might aid in the smoothing of your voice. Bitter can assist clean your voice if you have a cracked or coarse voice by promoting mucus production in your vocal tract.

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