Bitcoin Pizza Day May 22nd: Your treasure – Don’t Eat it, Grow it

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Bitcoin Pizza Day: Your treasure – Don’t Eat it, Grow it

Bitcoin Pizza Day: A story that started over a pizza order. It appears that the first crypto-transaction involved two pizzas. Shocked? On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida resident, exchanged his Bitcoins for two pizzas from a nearby pizzeria. The transaction is regarded as the first official usage of Bitcoin in a commercial transaction with a real business. This is the day that crypto enthusiasts commemorate the first “real-world” bitcoin transaction. Early adopter Laszlo Hanyecz paid someone 10,000 BTC to get them two Papa John’s pizzas, which was worth the equivalent of two pizzas at the time but is now worth about $485 million.

Before going into more details about the bitcoin Pizza day and why it’s been celebrated, let us know What’s Bitcoin? Bitcoin is digital money that runs independently of any central authority or government monitoring. Peer-to-peer software and cryptography are used instead.

Who invented Bitcoin? Though there is different background research on Bitcoin. In 2008 the domain name was bought by Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of the pseudonymous virtual currency. Nakamoto’s true name has never been discovered, and he hasn’t made any public statements in years. Read more on: “History of Bitcoin

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On this Historic Day the 22nd of May, the Crypto Bootcamp community, the largest blockchain community with the largest network in Nigeria and Africa will be having a light party in commemoration of Bitcoin Pizza Day.

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Bitcoin Pizza Day: Your treasure – Don’t Eat it, Grow it

Obinna Iwuno, Founder, of Crypto Bootcamp inspires knowledge in the audience.

Now, at the crypto Bootcamp which focuses on five major areas;

• First is blockchain development,

• Digital Economy: offering training on the global digital economy,

• Blockchain and crypto industry training,

• Business Technology,

•Trading, and investment.

Bitcoin Pizza Day- hangout is an opportunity to grab one of these five Skills.

Your treasure – Don’t Eat it, Grow it

The treasure Laszlo Hanyecz lost over a pizza order, twelve years ago. Since the cryptocurrency’s inception in 2008, the price of a single Bitcoin has risen dramatically, with significant ups and downs along the way. In April 2021 it hit an all-time high of over $60,000, and it has been oscillating ever since.

Bitcoin Pizza Day : Your treasure – Don’t Eat it, Grow it

Don’t Eat, Grow it

Despite the volatility, investors are still interested in Bitcoin because of its long-term track record of increasing and retaining value. But, unlike a stock, which has value because it represents a portion of a company’s ownership, or even a bond, which reflects the value of a debt that will be repaid when it matures, determining the value of a decentralized, digital currency with such a short history can be difficult.

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People will ask, Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin? The world’s biggest trade. Investing in crypto assets is risky but can be extremely profitable, especially if you want direct exposure to the demand for digital currency

What does Hanyeczs’ lose while eating instead of growing it? Since the inception of Bitcoin, Hanyeczs’ pizzas have gotten more and more expensive. Nine months after the purchase, Bitcoin reached parity with the U.S. dollar, making the two pizzas worth $10,000, and in 2015—the fifth anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day—the two pizzas were valued at $2.4 million. Today, Bitcoin is at just over $40,000, making the pizzas worth … you get it. Now the next big question, which really clarifies why you need to grow your Bitcoin and not Eat it all.

Is the man who paid for pizza with Bitcoin a millionaire? Mr. Hanyecz, who is now 39, reckons that he spent 100,000 Bitcoin, or the current equivalent of $3.7 billion, on pizzas alone in 2010. And those 10,000 Bitcoins he paid Mr. Sturdivant were worth a whopping $378.7 million as of this day.

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Eat it, Grow it Bitcoin

In recent years, the cryptocurrency space has attracted a lot of interest and attention. Many people are making significant investments in blockchain technology, and many others have seen significant returns on their investments. Bitcoin was less than $100 Ten years ago, and now it is worth more than $50,000, indicating that cryptocurrency investment is successful.

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Unaware of how large Cryptocurrency will have grown, the man who earned more than USD 365 million (Up-to-date)  by selling two pizzas for Bitcoin will admit he squandered his fortune. Below are 10 reasons you should grow your bitcoin (Cryptocurrencies) as a treasure and don’t eat it all…

  • Growing, Trading, or investing your bitcoin gives you control over your assets due to its decentralized platform.
  • Valuing your Bitcoin by growing it, can lead to potential high profit in returns especially when you involve good risk management.
  • They’re good investments for the long term. Just like in the case of our famous pizza man who bought two pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoins
  • Learning how to grow your bitcoin (Cryptocurrencies) helps you learn new skills.
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) gives you independence and flexibility.

I hope these facts have shed some light on the reasons for Bitcoin’s growth ( Cryptocurrencies). I recommend that you conduct your study and comprehend the market volatility before beginning any type of bitcoin investing.

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