Birthday Paragraph For Special Persons- with Love wishes

Birthday Paragraph For Special Persons
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Birthday Paragraph For Special Persons- with Love wishes

Birthday Paragraph For Special Persons: Isn’t it that time of year again? When you feel as if you could give the world to the person you love and cherish. Even if you wind up sending birthday greetings or a few lines.

Your friends, wife, spouse, boyfriend, and girlfriend are all important people in your life. You tend to pay more attention to them than to anything else, as long as they reciprocate your love and sacrifices in kind. This group of people has so many opportunities to make a positive difference in your life. I’m sure you have a lot of excellent folks like this.

In case you want nothing but the best, looking for how to surprise them? Search no more because these lovely happy birthday paragraphs for special persons will do.

Boyfriend Cute Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Him

Paragraphs to wish your partner a happy birthday on his special day

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Friend

You are and will always be the greatest love of my life

  • No matter where you are or how you are, you are and will always be the greatest love of my life. Today, I congratulate you on your birthday and I hope you can spend it with the people you love. Be happy and blessed!
  • Ever since I met you, what I like to do the most is to keep you in my mind and think about how happy we are when we are together. I love you and I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always be there to support you in everything and anything. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Sometimes we are so different, but the most important is that even without differences we can find happiness. You are the person I always wanted to come into my life, the person who only in a moment took over my heart, completely. Have an unforgettable birthday.
  • I decided to be your girlfriend because of that funny personality you have. You make me laugh all the time and I love that you are who you are. I dedicate this message to you since it is your birthday and I want you to have lots of love and happiness in your life. Happy birthday, my love.
  • My soul feels complete; I feel there is this special connection every time I see you. Today we are two walking the same road. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • I am happy that when we’re together I feel my life is complete. Just to be next to you at any time is great. Any action you do perform reaches the bottom of my heart. Have a wonderful birthday my prince and may the heavens pour on your many blessings.
  • With each passing day, our relationship matures and grows stronger. Besides, I learn much more about you and I continue to be amazed at how wonderful it is to have you as my boyfriend. Happy birthday, my love.

Who are special persons? The special someone” is another way of saying, Mr. Right or Miss Right. It’s the particular person who is special to you.

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Friend

A good buddy is a man who understands your situation

Birthday Paragraph For Special Persons

  • Thanks for standing and leaving everything when I need it. You’re a rare gem! Happy birthday to you.
  • Whoever does not dance with me in the rain will never be with me in the storm, and whoever is not with me in a storm, I do not need, even in the sunshine. Happy birthday, friend.
  • You’re da bomb! The not daily approach makes a friendship, but the certainty that one can rely on each other; no matter when and how. A true friend is always there when a wrong friend is no longer there. Thanks for having my back always. Happy birthday to you.
  • A true friend is a man who sees your smile and still feels that your soul is crying. True friends are not the ones who want to pull you straight when you are on the ground. True friends put themselves first. Happy birthday, my true friend.
  • You start my tears every time I’m going to cry. You laugh together with me when I laugh. You try to solve my problems if I have them. When I’m upset, you’re the one who makes me happy again.
  • You make me feel better when I’m down. When we have a disagreement, we swiftly resolve it. That’s what true friendship is all about! Thank you for being a part of my life. I’m in love with you. Many people come into my life, but just a few have the same influence as you.
  • Just a glance from you and I’ll know exactly what you’re thinking, and just a word from you and I’ll know exactly what you want to say. That’s who you are: a friend who completes me. I wish you a happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Her – Girlfriend

  • Love is a ticking time bomb, but when it blows, it is both good the bad. You make it all worth it. I can’t wait to spend the day with you. I love you, baby.
  • A heart of gold and a smile so sweet makes me love you all the more. Hope for many more days with you. Happy birthday to an amazing girlfriend.
  • Stay sweet and fulfilled always. May the stars always shine brighter on you. Happy birthday to the sweetest soul on earth. God bless you always.

Birthday Paragraph For Special Persons

  • Even at my lowest point, you always have a way of making things okay. With you in my life, the future looks full of victory. Happy birthday, beautiful.
  • I wish you many more years and many more candles on your cake. Let every year bring with it unforgettable happiness and fulfillment. Happy birthday, baby.
  • Nothing warms up my heart like seeing you happy like you are today. May the goodness of today flow into the rest of your life. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • As you celebrate your birthday today, I just want you to know that I celebrate you as the best gift in my life. You’re such an amazing creature. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Holding hands and taking long walks with you, may seem like a small thing but to me, it is a dream come true. Happy birthday, beautiful.

Short messages of happy birthday with love portions


Birthday Paragraph For Special Persons

  • I love you on your birthday, and every day, now and forever. Happy Birthday Love!
  • You are the sunshine in my life each second of every hour. Happy birthday to my love.
  • Wishing the best of everything because you’re the best. I love you. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  • I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday. How about my whole heart? I hope you blow out all your candles, because I’m ready to make your wish come true tonight.
  • Happy Birthday to God’s greatest creation. As far as I’m concerned, you’re perfect in every way.
  • My life began on the day I met you and since then I have been nothing but grateful. I love you Baby! Happy birthday!
  • A kiss here, a kiss there, a thousand kisses for your birthday! Have a lovely day and may everyone see your gorgeous smile!
  • May every soul you touch bring comfort and peace.
  • May every friend you hug bring joy and solace. On your special day, my wish for you is to have everything that your heart desires because you are worth it.
  • I hope your birthday cake is as sweet as your smile. Happy Birthday dear..stay happy and healthy!!
  • Happy birthday to my first, my last, my everything. I was waiting for someone like you in my life. Happy Birthday! I vow to make your every birthday better than the years before it!
  • This year, I shall make your very dream come true just wait and see. Wonderful bday my honey!
  • This year may be full of surprises and your first one comes from me. Happy birthday, love!
  • I hope that this year, you get back all the good you’ve done times a hundred. Happy Birthday!
  • To live my life with you is all I desire, Happy Birthday!


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