6 Ways to Start A Conversation with Anyone

6 Ways to Start A Conversation With anyone
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6 Ways to Start A Conversation with Anyone-Anytime and Build your Communication Skills

6 Ways to Start A Conversation with Anyone: Have you ever been seated next to someone at an event and been stumped as to how to start a conversation? Have you ever been in an unpleasant scenario when you wanted to strike up a conversation with a stranger but there was a ‘loud’ quiet instead? What if the opposite party is interested in forming a joint venture? How can you make sure you don’t lose out on this chance and get started on building a genuine communication skill right away?

I want you to learn how to overcome shyness and anxiety so that you may be confident and charming. Do you want to be able to quickly strike up a conversation with anyone, establish acquaintances, and form relationships?

I really think that in order to succeed at small talk, you must be true and genuine. Both extroverts and introverts may improve their small talk skills, because it is all about how you connect with others. It’s not only about your vocal communication; it’s also about your nonverbal communication skills: your compassion, empathy, and genuine interest. Below are “6 Ways to Start A Conversation with Anyone”-Anytime and Build your Communication Skills

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Notice something nice

This is a very essential means of communication skills. Noticing something nice, actually, start with being observant. The opposite of we’re in this together conversation starter is noticing something nice. A positive approach mostly generates conversation to the right start. People tend to like it when their attention is drawn to good things.

Ways to Start A Conversation with Anyone


Example: Trying to approach a colleague after a meeting. you can start by saying…

"That was a productive meeting 
I feel like we generated some solid ideas"

Look for areas of agreement / (Look for common ground)

To start a conversation with anyone, this should be the easiest especially if you know you’re at a function where everyone is likely to have a similar background. When you bring up what you have in common, you can make an instant connection that will lead to more things to talk about.

Here are a few ways to connect and generate common grounds in a conversation

  • Respect for the other person.
  • Participate fully in the conversation.
  • Recognize and Express What You Agree On.
  • Seek to understand rather than to be correct.
  • Make a conscious effort to communicate with kindness.
Most times to achieve this, 
you can start with a general conversation
that's not too sensitive or private.

For example, ” What do you like to do for fun?” or literally “How long have you been in the marketing business?” directing to a business perspective.

Offer to Assist

There.s no better way to show that you’re a nice, approachable person than to be helpful. Being helpful has always been a top way to get you close to people. Despite not knowing you and seeing you for the first time, a little offer to help can start a conversation with anyone. If you find yourself in a situation where you can lend a hand, go ahead and do it.

6 WAYS TO start a conversation with ANYONE

           If you find yourself in a situation where you can lend a hand, go ahead and do it. 

And if it seems hard to know how to offer to assist or help, you can start by  saying this

  • “Looks like you have a lot to carry, do you need a hand?”

Sometimes you’re in the position to be offered help, which can start a conversation with someone you like or pick interest in. Below are four tips that can guide you to achieve that…

  • Follow up on the outcomes.
  • Make no apologies. 
    Don't feel bad about asking for assistance.
  • Make it a personal experience 
    rather than a transactional one,
    Don't ask for assistance by email or text.
  • Asking for and providing support can only be fruitful
    if one requirement is met,
    and that condition is clear communication.

Ask an opinion

Everyone wants to feel their opinions to matter. Asking for someone’s opinion shows that you’re interested in them and their thoughts. In due process to this, try to stick to topics that are immediately relevant.

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Pay a compliment

Giving someone a compliment can brighten their day and boost their confidence. You can pick something about the person you like and mention why you like it. THere are several follow-up questions you can ask to keep the conversation going, such as where they go to get their haircut or how they chose the style. Most times it can be something funny and sensitive at thesame time. Compliment are best with short phrases and sentence.

6 Ways to Start A Conversation with Anyone

                       Compliments make others feel good

Here’s How to Give Your Colleagues a Compassionate Compliment

  • Make an effort to be specific.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Don't go overboard.
  • Make an effort to stay current.Be true to yourself.

PS: Compliments make others feel good about themselves, and they want to be around you. Giving praises is, in reality, a type of leadership and influence, since people enjoy being around happy people and are more inclined to follow your lead and listen to your ideas.

Ask for help or information

6 Ways to Start A Conversation With anyone

                                 We all need assistance

We all need assistance at work from time to time, but admitting it isn’t always easy. You may be concerned that asking for help would make you appear inept, weak, or simply bothersome, regardless of how far you’ve progressed in your profession.

However, requesting help isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s frequently the difference between success and failure. It may help you avoid costly or humiliating blunders and distinguish you as someone who is self-aware, confident, and understands common goals.

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