5 Top Best Platforms to Find a Mentor for Start

5 Top Best Platforms to Find a Mentor for Start
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5 Top Best Platforms to Find a Mentor for Start

   Mentors can provide the motivation and guidance that professionals and students require to succeed. Coaching and guidance are now just a click away. Thanks to technology ( 5 Top Best Platforms to Find a Mentor for Start) that makes it so simple to connect with a wonderful mentor. These mentoring programs are only a small sample of what’s available to folks seeking professional advice. Mentors may provide the assistance that a firm requires while an entrepreneur tries to get new clients and expand. Many company owners have discovered that working with a mentor allows them to learn. Thriving in a collaborative environment. They frequently receive access to a much more seasoned entrepreneur’s large network. Which can aid them in their search for finance or resources. Mentors can help students get the knowledge they need to make important decisions about their future.

However, finding a decent mentor when one’s professional network is restricted. It’s one of the most difficulties that entrepreneurs and students face. Fortunately, technology has provided a solution. Here are “5 Top Best Platforms to Find a Mentor for Start” connecting mentors and mentees.

5 Top Best Platforms to Find a Mentor for Start

  • Envelop

  It’s a revolutionary audio platform that’s changing the way people listen to music, and it’s personally backed by Google Founder Sergei Brin. Envelop is a non-profit organization led by famous musician and educator Christopher Willits that provides educational tools. Also a mentorship to both musicians and listeners. Workshops are been conducted by media pioneers such as MTV creator Bob Pittman.


  • Mogul

This is a global network that reaches 18 million women each week. They provide personalized mentorship via a 24-hour digital support hotline. With only one email, female entrepreneurs may communicate with experts such as the former chairman of Hearst Magazines and Miss New York. Advice is given on a number of topics. This includes career and post-secondary education. As well as beauty and fitness tips. In addition to coaching, members get access to ten award-winning courses for total skill development.

5 Top Best Platforms to Find a Mentor for Start

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SCORE specializes in assisting small firms by providing seminars and document templates, among other things. One of its most valuable assets is its volunteer mentor network. Thanks to the Small Business Administration’s support, which draws a huge number of highly skilled volunteers (SBA). Mentors are accessible in 62 sectors, ensuring that mentees have access to the resources they need to succeed.


  • iMentor

Another student-centered initiative helps low-income kids graduate from high school and thrive in college. Students meet with mentors one-on-one, either online or in person, through iMentor. As a consequence, students develop a deep bond that pushes them to achieve their goals. iMentor works with public schools in New York City to guarantee that every kid has a mentor.


  • MentorNet

    Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) play a crucial role in the future of the US economy. MentorNet envisions a diverse 21st-century workforce. In which citizens across all demographics contribute to innovation and live in prosperity as a result. In MentorNet, they reach out to stem students through a vibrant community that is committed to student success.

     This cloud-based mentor-matching service provides mentors for entrepreneurs, students, and nonprofit organizations. The service includes a free online registry for mentors. Who are interested in finding entrepreneurs and students that they can help. Mentees can also use the registry to find the perfect mentor to meet their needs. One thing that sets MentorCity apart is that it provides matches based on skills, industry, job function, experience, gender, location, and language.



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