20 Super Crazy YouTube Channels That will make Smarter

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20 Super Crazy YouTube Channels That will make you Smarter

I grew up being told that television will halt my brain, but thanks to an online streaming arena like YouTube for replacing it. Last week, I consumed hours streaming some mind-blowing YouTube channels, which I learned a lot. I was exposed to some super crazy youtube channels that intensified my knowledge with some smart ideas. These channels have enough smart gems and videos that will inspire you to creativity.

Before I list these 20 super crazy youtube channels to make you think smart. I will love to know what your favorite YouTube channel (comment box) is. There are a lot of youtube channels that can be entertaining, educative, and inspiring. Most times, what captivates you on the internet might be different from mine. But these channels I will be listing in this article will completely fit into your watch lists.

SuperCrazy YouTube channels to Stream online

Here’s what you will find out, from the downline reading this article

  • The benefits of subscribing to a Youtube channel?
  • What are some of the best Youtube channels for learning new things?
  • Some of the best Youtube channels for entertainment?
  • List of best Youtube channels for learning new languages?
  •  Best Youtube channels for cooking?

These 20 super crazy youtube channels I will be sharing in this article will make you smarter. Also, improve your knowledge in different sectors of life. All sectors such as education, cooking, health, engineering, affiliate marketing, love, technology, cryptocurrency trading, bitcoin, and entertainment.

When it comes to school, there are plenty of things that can get you stressed. Whether it’s getting homework done, trying to make friends, or dealing with bullies, there are a lot of pressures that come with attending school. That’s why About the school life YouTube Channel was created.

TED Talks, TEDx, and TEDx Talks from around the world are all about making connections and sparking creativity. TED Talks are shorter than a TEDx talk, but the topics are the same. You can watch a TED Talk anytime, anywhere.

Ali Abdaal is a Jordanian internet personality, YouTuber and author. He is best known for his YouTube channel, which features short videos of him discussing various topics.

Beeyond Ideas is a YouTube channel that discusses different ideas and ways to achieve different goals. They have a variety of videos on different topics, such as business, productivity, travel, and more.

Philosophers for Life is a YouTube channel that provides resources for philosophers who want to live a good life. The channel has a variety of content, including philosophical lectures, interviews, and watchdog videos.

Real life lore is a YouTube channel that discusses various real world topics. The channel has over 2 million subscribers and has covered a variety of topics, including history, current events, and culture.

Half as Interesting is a YouTube channel that is made up of videos that are less interesting than the rest. They typically have videos that are about something that is less interesting than what the channel is promoting, but they do this in a way that is interesting and entertaining.

In practical engineering, one of the most important skills is being able to communicate with others. This is why the aboutpracticalengineering YouTube channel is so important. It is a channel full of videos that are specifically designed to help engineers learn and communicate better.

Mitch Manly is a popular YouTuber who is known for his humorous videos. He has released over 100 videos and is currently working on his 106th video. Mitch has also been a host on several podcasts and has also released a book.

Johnny Harris is a YouTube sensation who has gained a large following for his hilarious and informative videos. Harris is a self-taught musician and songwriter who has released several successful albums and singles. He has also been featured on numerous television shows and commercials.

City Beautiful is a YouTube channel that explores the beauty of cities. The channel has a variety of videos, including news and analysis about cities, beauty tips, and more.

Kurzgesagt is a YouTube channel that is made up of German journalists who talk about current events and politics. The channel has over 7 million subscribers and has been watched by over 350,000 people. The channel is currently made up of three main sections: news, politics, and current events

Star Talk is a YouTube channel that performs science discussions, including astronomy, space, and technology. The channel is run by a team of experts who are passionate about explaining complex scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way. Star Talk is a great resource for kids and adults who want to learn about the universe, the sky, and technology.

YouTube channels

You can check out others like;

  • TED-ED

  • Big Think

  • Jack Gordon

  • What if

  • The Nerd Writer

Some other YouTube channels, you will find  interesting include;

  • Thomas Frank
  • Wendous Production
  • Crash Course
  • Vsauce
  • CGP Grey
  • Wise Crack

The benefits of subscribing to a Youtube channel

There are countless benefits to subscribing to  YouTube channels. Not only will you be able to enjoy all of the latest videos, but you’ll also be able to learn new things, connect with other subscribers, and even earn money through ads and sponsorship.

  • To be entertained
  • Subscribe to a channel for Educational purposes
  • Benefit from some daily Inspiration
  • To get the latest news
  • Subscribe to a channel for Information

Subscribing to a channel for entertainment is a great way to catch up on all of the latest videos. Not only will you be able to watch new videos as they’re coming up new but will also get entertained.

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What are some of the best Youtube channels for learning new things?

This little list of some of my best YouTube channels for learning new things, especially Digital skills should help.

  • Vsauce
  • Khan Academy
  • Veritasium
  • Common Sense Education

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Some of the best Youtube channels for entertainment

If you’re looking for some great entertainment, you should check out some of the best Youtube channels out there. Here are five of the best:

1. Oddball Comedy

2. Alex Jones Channel

3. Tom Cruise Channel

4. Game of Thrones Channel

5. Conan O’Brien’s Channel

The Late Late Show with James Corden: This channel is hosted by James Corden, who is known for his comedic work on the British television show The Late Late Show. The channel features videos of Corden performing stand-up comedy, as well as behind-the-scenes clips and interviews.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most successful talk show hosts in history, and her YouTube channel is full of great content.

List of best Youtube channels for learning new languages

I can’t explain how much I love learning new languages. Like I every day I feel like speaking in thousands of languages… Well, I will list some YouTube channels where you can learn amazing new languages faster and more simply…

These channels have helped me, especially in learning Spanish, French, Italian and Hindi languages. There are a variety of online language learning channels that you can check out to get started learning a new language. These channels often have a variety of content that will help you learn a new language.

  • Google Translate
  • LingoBots
  •  Rosetta Stone.
  • Butterfly Spanish.
  • Yoyo Chinese
  • Italy Made Easy
  • German with Jenny.
  • Learn French With Vincent.

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Best Youtube channels for Cooking

There are many different types of cooking channels on YouTube. Some of the better-known cooking channels include

  • The Food Show
  • Cooking with Chris
  •  The Great British Baking Show

Many new cooking channels are starting up all the time, so be sure to check back often!

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Who is the YouTuber with the wisdom? PEWDIEPIE: He is a smart YouTuber because he has maintained the highest subscriber count over the past four years and has produced enjoyable content that is also fresh and original.

Which black YouTuber has the most subscribers? These Black TikTokers & YouTubers Are Exploding Currently The world has been swept up by content makers such as these

  • Deji.
  • Very Lame.
  • CoryXKenshin.
  • CalebCity.
  • John Brownlee.
  • informal Geographic
  • Dtay.

Who is the most well-known young YouTuber? With 139 million followers as of July 2022, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes was the YouTube channel for kids with the most subscribers. With over 99 million members, Kids Diana Show came in second, followed by Like Nastya with 98.3 million.

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YouTube is a great place to find videos about smartness. There are a lot of videos about different smart technologies, and there are also a lot of videos about how to become a smart person. Do well to check out the YouTube channels one by one. You will find the one that interests you. Also, make sure to comment on your favorite YouTube Channel in the box to update them for others who might pick interested in them too.

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