20 Strategies to get rid of your Toxic Ego before it destroys your life

Toxic Ego
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20 Strategies to get rid of your Toxic Ego before it destroys your life

We all have an ego, and no one’s immune to pride. In truth, we all need a little self-belief because without it we’d never stand up for ourselves or live up to our potential. There is a time when our ego is particularly toxic, because instead of learning from our mistakes, it blames other people or descends into hatred and resentment. Often it takes a problem and makes it significantly worse. In this article, we will be offering you 20 strategies to get rid of your toxic ego before it destroys your life. First of all, let’s see some of this toxic ego reflect on

Some Toxic Ego signs to reflect on?

  • You pay attention to advise but rarely act on it. There’s always someone who knows more, no matter where you are in life.
  • You never look for weaknesses.
  • Even when you’re wrong, you keep going.
  • You gradually alienate people, but you’re not sure why.
  • You try to do everything on your own.
  • You consider some things beneath you. (Check out: The 80/20 Rule: How It Works and How You Can Apply)

20 Strategies to get rid of your Toxic Ego before it destroys your life

  • Adopt the beginner’s mindset.
  • Focus on the effort; not the outcome.
  •  Choose purpose over passion.
  •  Learn to manage ( yourself and others)
  • Shun the comfort of talking and face the work.
  • Know what’s matter to you and ruthlessly say no to everything else.
  • Choose alive time over dead time.
  • Connect with nature and the universe at large.
  • Forget credit and recognition.
  • Leg go of control.
  • Get out of your own bed
  • When you find yourself in a hole; Stop digging.
  • Choose love.
  • Leave your entitlement at the door.
  • Don’t be deceived by recognition, money and success, stay sober.
  • Keep an inner Scorecard.
  • Always stay a student.
  •  Pursue mastery in your chosen craft.
  • Focus on the effort not the results.
  •   Believe; no one can degrade you, they degrade themselves.
  •  Stop playing the image game focus on a higher purpose.

And we have plenty of ways to assist you in achieving that. Any self-reflection inquiry bypasses the ego and gently helps them awaken, so ask them a question if you want someone to move out of the ego. Because you’re sympathetic.

Here is a video on how to break someone’s toxic ego / a way to break away from your poisonous ego?

These are signs of ego in a relationship, in case you notice one proceed with caution; the insatiable drive to be correct at all times, communication starts to deteriorate, you start to feel envious, you pretend to be the victim, pride/arrogance, even when you are wrong, you find it difficult to admit and apologize, and it’s possible that you have narcissistic tendencies.

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