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When it comes to health and life facts, it’s simple to become perplexed. Even trained professionals frequently appear to hold competing viewpoints, making it difficult to determine what you should be doing to improve your health.

Get all the knowledge you need to keep fighting fit by reading these top “12 BITTER BUT HEALTHY TRUTHS- YOU NEVER KNEW”!

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No matter how this life drags us knowing these “12 bitter but healthy truths” will help shape your life in positivity.

It’s never too late to start over

Many people fail to go after what they want in life because they think their best days are behind them and the time has already gone. But success is all in the head, it’s never too late. You may define success any way you choose, as long as you can keep your mind under control. No matter your age, or how many times you failed, it’s perfectly fine to start your journey.


Better Time management leads to a better life

Time is one of life’s most significant assets since it is a resource that cannot be replaced. As a result, time management is one of the most important life skills to acquire. After all, time management is really just a fancy way of saying “life management.” The goal is to learn how to make each day count for something. But it requires a lot of self-discipline and getting rid of procrastination in your life.

More than merely increasing productivity, mastering time management is beneficial. It can also have significant health advantages. When you manage your time well, you may reduce stress and enhance the overall quality of your life. If you are frequently exhausted by your daily burden or overwhelmed by the complexity of projects and chores in your life, it is quite probable that you have not yet learned good time management.

Run from your fears or you face them

Life always has an option, you either face it or leave it. You can’t keep running away from your fears. At some point in life, you need to build your courage and face them. Most times, fear can range from a strong want to turn away or stop in your tracks to a desire to abandon your nation and your previous life. But keep in mind that fear is big, it’s ubiquitous, and it can be fought, managed, and finally turned into a positive force. If ready to face your fears, these tips should be a guide;

  • Recognize that while fear is real, it can be overcome.
  • Accept Your Anxiety
  • Get a Different Perspective
  • Take a Hand (You can overcome fears with people you love)
  • Process Your Fears in Order to Move Forward in Life
  • Assume the Worst-Case Scenario
  • Own Your Fear and Discover Great Skills in Your Scary Moments

Note: Consider these suggestions and come up with at least one example for each.


When you risk nothing you risk everything

To live is to take the chance of dying. Attempting to succeed is a risky proposition. To hope is to take a chance on sadness. To put your ideas, your dream, in front of the crowd is to risk losing them. However, risk must be taken since the biggest danger in life is to take no risks at all. There are no guarantees in life. The majority of security is based on superstition.


New joys and successes are gained as a result of taking risks. It has the ability to broaden our horizons and open up the world to us. It’s easy to get caught up in ‘analytical paralysis,’ when you spend days plotting out the ideal path to your objectives. A sloppy start is always preferable to a beautiful daydream on paper. When you view life as a game, your perspective on victors and losers shifts dramatically. Games work best when even those who lose still have fun.

Value your mistakes; they have so many things to teach you

How you view your mistakes determines the way that you react to them, and what you do next. You can’t learn anything from a mistake until you acknowledge it. So take a big breath and confess to yourself that you have one, and then accept responsibility for it. Notify people who need to know, apologize (own your errors), and say you’re working on a solution. To value your mistakes, you need to analyze them. Tips to analyze your mistakes honestly and objectively, you will need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What was I attempting to accomplish?
  • What went wrong, exactly?
  • When did things start to go wrong?
  • What went wrong, and why did it go wrong?

The decision to act can change everything you know and do

Taking the right decisions can be a hard thing to conclude with. Before you start making a decision, you have to understand what a decision does. Most times you get confused because you never know if the decision taken at that point is worth it. The decision you take at every instinct plays a big role in the outcome effect.

Any decision you make sets in motion a series of events. When you decide to take up a cigarette to smoke it, for example, you may subsequently opt to pick up another one to experience the same euphoric feeling. You could have gone through a pack without realizing it after a day. However, if you decide not to light that first cigarette and instead make a decision every five minutes to concentrate your attention someplace else when you have a yearning, your cravings will soon lessen and you will stop smoking within a week.

But it all boils back to that first decision of whether or not to light up that cigarette.

Your talent means nothing without consistency and practice

Real talent is all about hard work. The healthy truth about your talent is you need consistency and practice to keep updated. When things come easily to you, when you are able to pick up on things quickly, you tend not to try so hard.

Consistency is the key: It requires showing up and practicing to perfect anything in life. Quite a bit. It’s not a fast run around the block; it’s a marathon. So, regardless of how many times you need to practice, do so. The practice will be essential to you if you actually want it. While we hear about overnight success tales, the majority of success stories are not like that. Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into these. As well as consistency. You need that splash of constancy in the grand cake recipe of life.


Making adjustments might be difficult, and it will take time. You’ll just set yourself up for failure if you beat yourself up. Recognize that you are human and will make errors and slip up from time to time, but the aim is to stay on track as much as possible.


  • Your achievement and successes won’t matter on your deathbed
  • Your obsession with finding happiness is what prevents its attainment
  • Anything might happen, but the only thing that matters is how you respond
  • Now is the only moment that matters; stop wasting time ruminating on the past
  • Close that window no matter how beautiful the view it


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